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UTTRCO is your most trusted provider for accounting and bookkeeping services upholding the highest ethical and moral standards of practice.

We have a team in place with wealth of experience and knowledge to address your accounting needs. Whether you’re a sole trader, a business partnership, established corporation, or non-profit organization – we have a wide array of services to provide you with quality accounting service and the most value for your money

Our Scope Of Services
  • Update daily General Ledger
  • Generate Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting statements.
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly cash flow forecasting
  • Developing Inventory & warehouse activities
  • Fixed assets management
  • Cover past back log unrecorded transaction
  • Budget Preparation – Once a year
  • Prepare manual policies and procedures
Bookkeeping Services
  • Bookkeeping (Update daily General Ledger )
  • Maintaining Accounts Payable (money out).
  • Maintaining Accounts Receivable (money in).
  • Maintaining & clean up the General Ledger.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Internal Audit & Compliance.
Maintaining Accounts Payable
Maintaining Accounts Payable
In order to maintain great relationships with suppliers, ensuring that they are paid on time is critical to your business.
The role of the Payables Department includes keeping an eye on opportunities to save money – for instance, determining if there are discounts or incentives available for paying certain vendors more quickly.
At the very least, AP should be scheduled to assure that the least amount of money has to go out per payment, i.e., no late payment charges.
WallPost allows you to manage accounts payable easily. WallPost organizes accounts payable data for you so that you kept up-to-date on how much the suppliers are owed and when bills are due.
WallPost allows you to track and manage outstanding bills. Printing reports such as statement Vendors Report, the A/P Aging Report, and Suppliers Detail Report will also be generated easily for you
Maintaining Accounts Receivable
Maintaining Accounts Receivable
Another critical duty of the accounting department is to account for and track receivables, including outstanding invoices and any required collection actions. Accounts receivable is responsible for creating and tracking invoices. Its responsibility includes ensuring that customers pay these invoices on time – so a system of friendly reminders like WallPost is crucial.
WallPost allows you to manage accounts receivable with ease. WallPost organizes accounts receivable data for you so that you will always know how much money you are owed.
WallPost allows you to track and manage the overdue collection. You can easily print reports such as Statement customer Report, A/R Aging Report, and Customers’ Detail Report.
Internal Audit & Compliance
Internal Audit & Compliance
The Internal Audit & Compliance department at UTTRCO will be responsible for overseeing the company’s financial operations – to ensure that they are in line with internal and external policies and regulations. It will also be responsible for all Financial Transactions’ compliance with IFRS and GAAP. This department will provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively
Maintaining of General Ledger
Maintaining of General Ledger
Companies collect data via accounting software to prepare financial reports that can be used for budgeting, forecasting, and other decision-making processes. Such reports and those are needed for communication with investors, banks and other professionals that play a role in the growth of your business. UTTRCO will be responsible for performing all accounting activities which are the day-to-day records of all financial transactions and other relevant financial information concerning a business
Bookkeeping involves the recording, on a daily basis, of a company’s financial transactions.
With proper bookkeeping, companies are able to track all information on its books to make key operating, investing, and financing decisions
UTTRCO boasts of its wealth of knowledge and experience in Bookkeeping services.
Our financial services teams comprise of well-trained financial experts skilled at using the latest finance and accounting software known with WallPost, which is a web-based ERP. In addition, we utilize and comply with IFRS and GAAP standards.
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Bank reconciliation is a process of matching the balances in an entity’s accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The goal of this process is to ascertain the differences between the two and to book changes to the accounting records as appropriate. The information on the bank statement is the bank’s record of all transactions influencing the entity’s bank account
Monthly cash flow forecasting
Monthly cash flow forecasting
On Monthly basis, UTTRCO will issue the forecasting report to show how much money a business expects to receive in and pay out
Developing Inventory & warehouse activities
Throw our inventory & procurement system you can control the company stock and achieve the fundamental goal is to keep inventory levels balanced at all times without ever having too much or too little product in stock. So staying on top of ordering, forecasting and storage are key parts of good quality inventory management.
Fixed assets management
In corporate finance, asset management is the process of ensuring that a company’s tangible and intangible assets are maintained, and put to their highest and best use
We have a complete module to manage the asset creation, tracking, and evaluation
Cover past backlog unrecorded transaction
If the company have unrecorded transactions UTTRCO can prepare & upload the backlog in WallPost Software.
Budget Preparation – Once a year
Budget Preparation – Once a year
UTTRCO will prepare a yearly budget to predict the incomes and expenses of the business on a short-term basis. Right projections of the cash flow help the business to achieve its targets in the right way. Financial budget preparation includes a detailed budget balance sheet, cash flow budget, the sources of incomes and expenses of the business, etc.
Prepare manual policies and procedures
A set of policies are principles, rules, and guidelines formulated and adopted by an organization to reach its long-term goals and typically, Procedures is the specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of the organization, UTTRCO will create or develop the policy & procedures Manuel and published in a booklet