UTTRCO is an international corporation specializes in providing Financial services, Human Resource Management solutions, VAT/Tax Recovery, Compliance and Consultancy Services.
UTTRCO is headquartered in London-UK with over 4 Offices in Croatia, India, Qatar, and Egypt. 


Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a globally reliable, effective, safe, high quality and cost-effective provider of innovative Business Process Outsourcing for Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, and Tax Recovery services that satisfy unmet management needs.
Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Provide the perfect match and solutions for our clients’ needs through long-term relationships built on experience, insight, and teamwork – for unmet management needs regionally and globally.
  • Help our clients reduce their administrative costs while providing quality support.
  • Create a business environment that attracts, develops & retains the best talents.
  • Provide stockholders with the best return on their investment.
What We Do

What We Do

We are a global professional services firm delivering high quality tax and business consultancy services at the most competitive market price. Our objective is simple –help clients drive their business to its maximum potential by providing solutions to the complexities in their business spheres of HR, Accounting, Finance, and Tax.

WHAT sets UTTRCO apart?

Our finance services team comprises of skilled and well-trained Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and financial experts experienced at using the latest finance and accounting software. Additionally, we use IFRS and GAAP standards and follow US Patriot Act

Meet Our Team

Our Strategy

Vertically expanding our business globally through expanded market penetration, fresh features, diversification and new markets development

Building long-term partnership agreements with global multinational organizations that provide solutions in our business areas to enhance and leverage our solutions.

Along with the maturing process of the project, our software’s specifications improvements and new pipeline projects development, driven by an up-to-date R&D and market research collaboration and involvement

The global marketing orientation strategy and investments will be adopted to develop our own branding and to export our elite and innovative solutions initially to our local Gulf area, Middle East, Africa, South America and The Far East markets..

The targeting of the developed first class markets of Europe, Japan, and North America will take place after the initial periods

Information Technology Tools

We use an innovative cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system known as WallPost Software.

WallPost Software is ERP web-based system, which is designed and fine-tuned to meet the needs of your company. Equipped with intelligent modules, WallPost Software is well packaged to enhance the work of all employees. The system smartly monitors the performance of your company, produce valid reports, and convert these reports to a powerful tool for managers and business owners, which can ultimately help them make the right decisions.

WallPost Software aims to deliver the following results:

Automation of client’s company departments.

  • Setting clear rules and processes for clients’ companies.
  • Increase staff engagement and retention.
  • Performance measurement of staff.
  • Problem identification before its onset

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